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Vertical Neck Traction

Unique Points: Vertical Neck Traction

The Vertical Neck Traction helps restore the uprightness of the entire neck onto its columnar axis. This will help restore the intended length of the muscles of the neck including the superficial and core muscles intrinsic to the spine.


The purpose of this stretch is to:

  • Stretch the muscles of the entire neck which will include the back, sides and front of the neck.


  1. With the shoulders and elbows as far back as possible:
  2. Place the heels of the hands on the temples above the ears, fingertips pointed upward, thumbs pointed back.
  3. From the sides of the head, press the heels of your hands inward, towards the middle of the head.
  4. Then press upward, maintaining pressure, which will give the feeling of the head being lifted from the neck. Breathe 3 times, then release slowly
  5. Change hand position so that the heels of the hands are slightly behind the ears, fingertips pointed backward, thumbs pointing down.
  6. Press inward, then maintain pressure.
  7. Lift upward on the head, breathe 3 times, release slowly.
  8. Press at the base of the skull, slightly behind the ears, release slowly.