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 Unique Points (Open Jaw Pull):

What most people don’t know is, the lower jaw is the main balance counterweight for your head. As you improve your posture, you want your jaw to be flexible enough to respond to your new level of flexibility and improved alignment in the rest of your body. These muscles are some of the most powerful muscles of the body. This stretch is a jump-start to eliminate tension patterns associated with poor posture and made worse by stress.


The purpose of this exercise is to:

  • Improve flexibility in the outer jaw muscles that go from the side of your head and cheekbones down to the sides of your lower jaw.


  1. Without moving your head, extend your lower jaw forward, then wide open.
  2. Using the heels of your hands, from both sides place the heels of your hands firmly at the back corner or your jaw and push inward firmly.
  3. Applying the same amount of pressure from back to front, slide the heels of your hands to the tip of your chin.
  4. Repeat this press-and-slide motion portion three times.


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