Facial Reposturing with Aaron Parnel

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About Facial Reposturing

Olympic Sports Therapist Develops New Method to Reverse Facial Aging by Improving Posture

For the first time on record, Americans spent more than ‐‐‐13.5 billion dollars on aesthetic procedures in a single calendar year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Demand will continue to grow. As many look for more affordable alternatives, Olympic sports therapist and posture expert, Aaron Parnell, has developed a new therapy called Facial Reposturing®. The therapy is a deep tissue facial massage and daily workout that tones and relaxes the core muscles of the face that ‐ have been affected by time, stress and gravity.

Parnell served on the Official Sports Massage Team for the Los Angeles Olympics, and later discovered that by minimizing tension patterns from the core muscles of the face, deep lines, and wrinkles progressively relax, and diminish, leaving a smooth and more youthful face, jaw and neck contours. Parnell originally developed Reposturing—The Pain Elimination Method therapy for his pre-Olympics clients who sought relief from chronic pain or support for peak athletic performance. When they expressed a desire to receive treatment for their facial, neck and jaw tension, Parnell began to conduct extensive research, noticing that a person’s posture has a direct effect on how tension patterns are formed in the face, jaw and neck. This discovery eventually led to his development of Facial Reposturing®.

“As facial muscles are restored to their natural tone, the skin will plump and tighten over the muscles, leaving it smoother, with a healthy, radiant glow. It works because we are restoring the freedom and natural muscle tone in the face, jawline and neck” says Parnell. He adds, “Regular Facial Reposturing treatments, combined with the Facial Reposturing Workout, will produce positive and long lasting results.”

Client, Marian Jung, CPA says, “After being introduced to Facial Reposturing… people have commented that I look 20 years younger. Through this non-invasive treatment, Aaron Parnell has helped reduce the strain and fatigue in my jaw and face. I consider him a vital contributor on my Wellness Team.”

Silicon Valley dentist, Dr. Richard Gregory, DDS states, “…Temporomandibular joint disorder is muscular in nature…[such as with] bruxing and clenching… This treatment adjunct is excellent for people suffering with TMJ problems because the reduction in jaw tension may help with pain, headaches, teeth grinding, and uneven jaw opening, all of which can impact the body’s overall health…”

Parnell declares, “Poor posture and facial tension are at the root of premature aging. When you improve posture and minimize facial stress, you actually feel good all over. He adds “People are searching for a non-invasive solution that requires no drugs, surgery or down-time. I think we have something of value with this treatment.”

Aaron Parnell is the Creator and Developer of Facial Reposturing® which evolved from Reposturing®-The Pain Elimination Method. Author of The Reposturing Handbook and over 100 published articles, for over 30 years, Aaron has been helping people gain freedom from pain, feel more energized, and improve their quality of life. As a lecturer, Aaron has captivated audiences, especially women, by being a resource and educator on how improving one’s posture can truly transform lives.

Using Reposturing—The Pain Elimination Method, Aaron and his network of Reposturing practitioners help their clients achieve mind-body harmony regardless of their circumstances. His success rate is nearly 100 percent. Aaron sees clients at The Vitality Center of San Mateo, trains practitioners, lectures and leads seminars, and workshops on the topic of vitality and healthy aging.

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